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Photographing the Milwaukee Art Museum, in Bright Sunlight, with My 35mm f1.8

One of the first things you’ll hear after buying your first camera is, “get a better lens.” Which I couldn’t wrap my head around, because the a6000 kit lens is a pretty decent lens. It’s also hard to justify a splurge when your a6000 bundle, only costing so much, is

The Sony a6000 Kit Lens (APS-C 16-55mm f3.5-5.6) is a Great Lens to Learn from – Here’s Why

Featured image by Jem Sahagun. When I finally zeroed in on the Sony a6000 as my first camera, I feared it would just sit in my closet, or take me forever to learn photography. So I went with the body plus two kit lenses, as opposed to the body with

Why I Chose the Sony a6000 as My First Camera

You’d think, being the desigNERD that I am, that I would’ve gotten into photography a long time ago. But I didn’t. Being a designer-developer was enough. Figured I’d leave photography to the photographers 😂 Then in 2016, I participated in the #100DayProject on Instagram. And you know how it goes

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