Why I Chose the Sony a6000 as My First Camera

You’d think, being the desigNERD that I am, that I would’ve gotten into photography a long time ago.

But I didn’t. Being a designer-developer was enough. Figured I’d leave photography to the photographers ๐Ÿ˜‚

Then in 2016, I participated in the #100DayProject on Instagram. And you know how it goes โ€“ start with an idea, then watch it turn into something else. I began posting about off-the-beaten-path places. But over the course of a hundred days, my entries morphed into an architecture photography project. I snapped all of the pics from my iPhone, and did so well that a friend urged me to buy a camera.

It took another 3 years for me to finally land on the Sony a6000.

Prior to the 100-day, I knew nothing about photography or cameras. I didn’t want to invest in a camera, only to have it collect dust in my closet.

So, DSLR or mirrorless, full frame or APS-C, Canon or Nikon or Sony? My favorite Instagrammers at the time where Canon DSLR users. My friend, Nikon. But the photos taken with Sony mirrorless cameras, and the support within the Sony Alpha community, impressed the heck out of me.

I was locked in analysis-paralysis.

Two years in, I visited my local Best Buy on a whim. Not sure why I took that long. I guess I didn’t want to be sold on a camera I would later regret.

Anyway, I looked around, considered the price points and my small hands, and made my decision. Sony mirrorless APS-C.

Now, which model?

Remember I said it took 3 years? Wellโ€ฆ

Deep down, I wanted the a6000. I considered everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The a6000 felt like the right choice. However, it was already (by late 2018) a four-soon-to-be-five-year-old model.

Thankfully, and finally, I discovered a YouTuber who made a vid about the Sony a6000. Was it still worth buying in 2019? Short answer, yes.

Epic, I know. But again, lots to consider, and I don’t regret how long it took for me to decide. I absolutely love my Sony a6000.

To recap, here’s why I bought the Sony a6000 as my first camera in 2019:

  • Practical price point (I purchased the body + two kit lenses for $650 + tax. Thank you, Best Buy sale!)
  • Compact footprint (fits in my small hands)
  • E-mount ecosystem
  • Community support
  • Loved & highly rated to this day

Now, is it worth buying in 2021? Still yes in my humble opinion, especially for beginner photographers.

Until next time,

Photo credits: Featured, Lee Campbell. Middle, Griffin Taylor.

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