My Lastest Design Obsession: the A-Frame Cabin

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

I’ve been obsessed with A-frame cabins since I saw this post about a rehab A-frame for sale in Michigan.

I’d love a gut rehab, but no, I’m not putting in an offer. The location’s not quite right for me.

Plus, you know, that guy I dated for 7 1/2 years… we were practically married… I felt stripped of my personality and dreams the entire time… should’ve ended it 3 months in… he was from Michigan… Michigan’s nice and all…

Anyway, no A-frame cabins in Chicago that I know of, and spur of the moment travel is on hold for now. So I thought I’d do a whole lotta research instead. Can’t travel, will research, stare at pretty pictures, and pretend sort of thing.

Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash

There’s an abundance of articles and YouTube vids on A-frames, but they don’t say much. Even the wiki was thin.

I found enough for a tl;dr, though –

The absence of vertical walls means little space for your things. And they’re difficult to expand. (You should choose the largest floor plan possible at the outset.) That being said, they’re incredibly charming and look great in the woods… There’s just something about ’em.

A-frames have been around forever in Europe & Asia. The first one, on record, in the United States dates to 1934.

Today, modern A-frames are marketed as inexpensive, energy efficient structures with low carbon footprints. (You can purchase a prefab for under $60,000 and build it in no time.) But from what I can sense, it’s more a matter of whether you like ’em or not.

And yeah, I like ‘em, especially this design by Avrame:

And this one in Tehran:

Travel tip: Not in the mood to buy and build? You can book an A-frame experience via AirBnB.

Until next time,

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