moCa Cleveland – small, but mighty

moCa Cleveland (background) + Judy’s Hand Sculpture by Tony Tassert (foreground) | photo: @kittysingsuwan

I nearly missed this one.

I paid so much attention to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that I didn’t think to check if Cleveland had a contemporary art museum.

Thankfully, a little birdie told me to try.

At first glance, moCa Cleveland reminded me of Zaha Hadid’s Vitra Fire Station. Small but mighty. Distinct from, yet connected to its surroundings.

The resemblance ended there.

Inside, I saw information tables, an art lecture in progress, and some folks conversing over coffee. It was so communal. Like being in someone’s living room.

After that, I climbed a zig-zagging staircase, gazed through design-y window cutouts, and made my way through the first exhibit. Rinse and repeat until I got to the top, where I soaked up the interior in its entirety.

For me, it was a holistic experience. The museum was a sculptural entity housing transient exhibits (moCa Cleveland is a non-collecting institution). It was art within and art throughout.

My only gripe was that I expected more square footage. It would’ve been nice to view one more exhibit, and admire the interior from an indoor cafe

That being said, I only had to give an email + zip code to get in 😉

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